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"Your family has taken something of great importance from me!"

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"Your father was a hero, Holly. Just like you."
Artemis Fowl Sr.[src]

Beechwood Short was a fairy and elf who worked together with Artemis Fowl Sr. to protect fairy treasures of great importance, including the Aculos. His death and the theft of the Aculos are of key importance in the film Artemis Fowl.


"Game? My father was kidnapped."
"My father is dead."
―Artemis Fowl and Holly Short[src]

Beechwood Short was the father of Holly Short. A former LEP officer, Short gave the Aculos to Artemis Fowl Sr., in an attempt to protect it from Opal Koboi. He was killed protecting the Aculos, presumably by Koboi. Afterwards, he was branded a traitor and a criminal by the People, who were initially unaware of the truth of his actions.

Holly Short was determined to uncover the truth of what had happened to him. She discovered his ID tag at the Hill of Tara, but was kidnapped by Artemis Fowl Jr.. Later, after she used the Aculos to save Artemis Fowl Sr., he told her that her father was a hero.


He is reportedly portrayed by Irish actor Laurence Kinlan, but none of the scenes including Beechwood were included in the final cut of the movie.


Briar Cudgeon considered him a traitor to the People. Commander Root, however, still had faith in him. His daughter, Holly Short, also suspected the truth of his actions and was determined to clear his name. Artemis Fowl Sr. considered him both a great man and a dear friend.

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