"I apparentally did you a favor. Little Bobo is obnoxious by all accounts."

-Artemis Fowl

Beau Paradizo is the younger brother of Minerva Paradizo.


  • Wild
  • Extremely hyper
  • Typical young boy; likes cars and such
  • Is easily fooled
  • Not as dumb as to be thought of
  • Loves chocolate


In The Lost Colony, Beau, driving a battery-powered child-sized car, is loured behind a pipe in the Paradizo's front yard by Mulch Diggums waving a bar of low fat chocolate. From there, Mulch proceeds to partially swallow Beau in a layer of dwarf spittle to ensure the child's silence, carefully spitting him back out. Doodah Day then swaps into Beau's clothes and climbs into the child-sized car, hooking on an attachment for the engine, giving it more power. Doodah assumes the role of the youngest Paradizo, tricking the guards and "sister" Minerva into believing he is Beau in order to intercept the security system by placing a bug on the camera cables inside the Paradizo mansion. The ruse is later figured out by Minerval who is upset at Artemis for knocking out her little brother. In his defense, Artemis replies that "Little Bobo is annoying by all accounts."

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