The B'wa Kell Rebellion was an attempt by the B'wa Kell Goblin triad to overthrow the LEP and gain control of Haven. At least, that was what the goblins thought.

The whole operation was masterminded by Opal Koboi, who used the triads desire to destroy the LEP, to fuel her plot to bring incredible power to Koboi Laboratories. Her plot would go in three stages:

  • LEP weapons would be disabled. Briar Cudgeon would frame Foaly for deliberately deactivating the guns.
  • Goblins would swarm into Haven and force LEP forces back to Police Plaza.
  • When LEP defeat seems imminent, Opal returns control to LEP guns. Foaly would be arrested and every weapons contract for the next five centuries will go to Koboi labs.

The rebellion failed when Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Domovoi Butler, Mulch Diggums and Julius Root broke into Koboi labs and returned power to LEP weapons and Foaly's Operations Room. Cudgeon was killed when Koboi pushed him into a plasma port, and Koboi was forced herself into a coma that would last over a year.




B'wa Kell

  • General Phlebum
  • General Scalene
  • General Sputa
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