Not to be confused with the book, The Atlantis Complex (novel).

The Atlantis Complex is a fairy disease, as confirmed by Eoin Colfer.[citation needed] It is the fairy equivalent of multiple personality disorder, combined with obsessive-compulsive disorder.[citation needed] and tetraphobia.


Artemis Fowl contracts it sometime prior to the seventh book, apparently due to stress and past traumatic experiences. However it is common for guilty fairies to receive the disease, most times past criminals. It was also made worse by the magical experiments Artemis did.[1] The only shown alter ego named Orion makes Artemis a nice person, unfortunately rendering his genius useless when it comes to plotting. Orion is a romantic and shows how much Artemis actually loves Holly, but that he is afraid to show it. Orion is much more handy than Artemis, shown when he incapacitates Turnball Root and even Holly when she was Turnball's thrawl[1]

Medical description

The description from The Atlantis Complex according to Wicca-pedia:

"Atlantis Complex: (At-lan-tyss kom-pleks) is a psychosis common among guilt-ridden criminals, first diagnosed by Dr E. Dypess of the Atlantis Brainology Clinic. Other symptoms include obsessive behaviour, paranoia, delusions and in extreme cases multiple-personality disorder. Dr E. Dypess is also known for his hit song ‘I'm In Two Minds About You.’"
Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex - Pg. 30


  • The name Dr. E Dypess could be a reference to the Oedipus Complex.[citation needed]
  • The disease is related to some human mental illnesses.[citation needed]


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