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Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox (known as Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox in America) is the sixth book in the Artemis Fowl series. The release date for the UK was set for 10th June, 2008; the US version was released on 7th August, 2008.[1] In Colfer's video blogs, he mentions that the book saying it may not be the last, but the last one for at least 3 years.[2]


Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl II's mother, contracts a debilitating disease which Artemis cannot heal with his magic (stolen in Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony). When Captain Holly Short and N˚1 arrive, they identify it as Spelltropy, a fairy disease that can only be cured by the brain fluid of the silky sifaka lemur. However, the lemur is extinct, as Artemis sold it to a group called the "Extinctionists" seven years previously. He tricks Holly into believing she is responsible for Angeline's disease (he believes he infected his mother), and N˚1 sends Artemis and Holly back in time for three days.

Artemis and Holly arrive eight years earlier, finding that they have changed during the travel: Artemis appeared to have aged whereas Holly was returned to her adolescence. They are discovered and captured by Butler, who locks them in the trunk of a car. However, with the help of Mulch Diggums, they escape and break into the compound housing the lemur, and Artemis is injured by an enraged gorilla. When Holly rescues him, she, in her new adolescence, kisses him, though she later regrets her actions. Artemis manages to attract the lemur, but is forced to release it when his younger self, also there, threatens to kill it. His younger self then flies to Morocco to sell the lemur to Dr. Damon Kronski, leader of the Extinctionists. The older Artemis and Holly manage to intercept the lemur, but eventually Holly is captured, and sold to Kronski in place of the lemur by the 10-year-old Artemis.

Kronski plans to kill Holly at the Annual Extinctionist banquet. Artemis manages to save her, but in the chaos. he is thrown into a pit of fire. However, the flames are holographic. Holly, escaping, realizes that Kronski has been mesmerized. Artemis, upon waking, tries to escape but is intercepted by Opal Koboi and her minions, who have been harvesting animals for their brain fluids which Opal has been using to enhance her own magic. She also says that she has mesmerized Kronski to bring her the silky sifaka lemur, which will give her the ability to control time. When he releases all the caged animals, Artemis manages to escape. Mulch, Holly, and Artemis fly by stolen shuttle to Fowl Manor, but are followed by Koboi. Upon being intercepted by his younger counterpart, Artemis reveals his identity. Mulch is captured by Opal, who sucks the information from his mind, leaving him no memory of the past few days. Holly and Artemis return to the present with the lemur, whom they have named Jayjay. Artemis, going to administer the cure to his mother, finds that Koboi has possessed his mother and also caused the sickness in the first place.

Holly and N˚1 are then disabled by a mesmerized Butler. Artemis runs from Opal (who is possessing his mother's body). When she catches him, he tells her that he is the Artemis from the past and the Artemis from the present is free. Older Artemis (who has snuck into the security booth while Opal was distracted), tranquilizes Opal's real body. Holly and N˚1 are freed. However, Opal recovers quickly, and chases the older Artemis, who is fleeing in a family airplane. Opal attacks the airplane, and Artemis is forced to land. However, Artemis tricks Opal, and she is buried in an explosion. Artemis returns home to debrief the others and finds that his mother knows everything that happened to her. Artemis realizes that if he hadn't gone back in time, Opal would not have followed him and possessed his mother, and none of his adventures with the fairies would have happened. The newly appointed LEPrecon Commander Trouble Kelp is digging Koboi out of the rubble when he discovers that she has vanished. The 10-year-old Artemis has a mind wipe spell put into his eyes so that he will not remember what happened and that when he goes back in time the past, Butler will also be wiped. This is ultimately the reason for Artemis' poor recollection of these events. He is then is sent back in time by N˚1, but vaguely remembers something to do with fairies, prompting his actions which occurred in the first book.


As with all UK and Ireland releases of Artemis Fowl, The Time Paradox has a code written on the bottom of each page. The Time Paradox's code is written in Gnommish as are the codes in Book I, Book IV and Book V.

The code along the bottom, when translated, reads:

From the collected correspondence of Opal Koboi, a series of letters between Opal Koboi, inmate number 1 100 0 101, Atlantis maximum security penitentiary, and wing commander Vinyaya, Haven council.


My dear wing commander, while I realize that my first probation hearing is not due for four hundred years, I feel that it would be in the peoples' best interests to release me before then. After all the humans are becoming more sophisticated daily and a genius such as myself will be needed to ensure that fairy technology remains superior to humanology.


Dream on Koboi. You’re in prison. Accept it.


I am sensing negative vibrations from you wing commander. Do not be so quick to judge. People can change, surely you accept that. I admit that once I found the idea of being the planet's supreme power an attractive one but who hasn’t secretly nurtured the dream of wiping out humanity and utterly dominating ones own peers. I see now that this dream might be unacceptable to some narrow-minded fairies and I am prepared to swear on my pixie honour that should I be released I would not attempt to take over the world again.


On your pixie honour. Wow. I’ll send the transfer shuttle right over.


I see now wing commander that you never had any intention of sending the transport shuttle right over. In fact you were being sarcastic. Mocking me from the safety of Police Plaza in Haven. I waited for three weeks before I realized that the shuttle was not coming for me. I packed my belongings so that I would be ready. Including my collection of model sea horses which I fashioned from chewed cardboard. My favourite sea horses Twinky and Goodboy were broken in the process. Twinky cries every night over her severed tail and Goodboy does not look so dashing without his head. Your callousness leaves me no alternative but to place you on my revenge list. When I am finally free of this horrible place and elevated to my rightful position as queen of the world, you will take my place in this cell and I will send my troll minions to issue daily beatings with bats fashioned from sea horse tails. A fitting punishment I am sure you agree.

Vinyaya. See you in four hundred years.



"Riding was the only form of exercise Artemis had taken to. This was mainly because the horse did most of the work."
- The Time Paradox

"Umm...tell Butler to jump-jump-jump on his head?"
- Beckett Fowl

"I am suggesting that you may not own a copy of the rule book, and, if you do possess one, you certainly have never opened it."
- Foaly



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