Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl

"It would appear we've garnered quite a bit of interest. Not ideal."
"The media? I have someone working on that right now."
"Oh, I expected you would."
―Artemis Fowl Sr. and Artemis Fowl Jr.[src]

Artemis Fowl Sr. is the father of Artemis Fowl Jr., the main protagonist of the Artemis Fowl film. After disappearing mysteriously, he is branded as a major thief by the media, responsible for the disappearance of some of the world's most important artifacts. In fact, he is secretly an ally of the fairy-folk, helping to protect their treasures, and working together with Beechwood Short.


"There's just one very important thing I have to do. And I know it's been hard, but look, my work is coming to an end. And like the stories, you know, they all have an ending that just... Well, it makes you smile."
―Artemis Fowl Sr. making a promise to his son, Artemis Fowl Jr.[src]

Artemis Fowl Sr. lived with his son, Artemis Fowl Jr. in Fowl Manor, his wife Angeline Fowl having passed away. He often went away on mysterious trips, having to leave his son behind. One day, he told his son that he was going away on one last trip, but after he came back, things would be different. He told him he wasn't a kid, and he said that he used to believe in magic. The young Artemis begged him to take him with him, but he asked him to let him protect him a bit longer, that he was all he had. Before flying away in his helicopter, he recited to him from an ancient poem, "The Irish Blessing": "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may a friend always be near."

Not along afterwards, the young Artemis began seeing news reports that his father had disappeared while traveling on his yacht, the Owl Star. He then received a phone call in which a mysterious voice told him that she had his father. When he demanded proof, Artemis Sr. came on the line, telling him that everything he had told him was true and it was too dangerous for him to get involved. The voice then told him to find something called the Aculos or he would never see his father again. Artemis Jr. was then taken to his father's library by Domovoi Butler, where he used the poem his father had taught him to discover his father's journal. The journal revealed that Artemis Sr. had worked with a fairy to protect the Aculos and that the voice Artemis Jr. had heard demanding as ransom was that of Opal Koboi.

The young Artemis then hatched an elaborate plan to secure the Aculos to free his father. After many twists and turns, he gained the help of Holly Short of LEPRecon to use its power to rescue his father. Koboi, however, realized that Artemis Jr. had no intention of turning over the Aculos and readied a spell to finish off Artemis Sr. Before she could so, however, the power of the Aculos activated and returned him to Fowl Manor. He then enjoyed a joyous reunion with his son and turned over to Holly Short a list of Koboi's accomplices to investigate. He told her that her father, Beechwood Short, was a hero.

The Artemises two together

Afterwards, he and the young Artemis surveyed the media that had gathered outside Fowl Manor. He called the situation not ideal, but Artemis Jr. replied that he was already on it. He told him that he expected he would be and handed over a pair of keys, saying that he knew he was ready. Later, the two of them and Domovoi took off together in the helicopter and broke the "giant dwarf" Mulch Diggums out of a MI6 interrogation center before flying off in pursuit of their goal of tracking down Koboi and those who had worked with her.

Personality and traits

Artemis Fowl Sr., chained up by Opal Koboi

"Why are you doing this?"
―Artemis Fowl Sr. to Opal Koboi[src]

Intrepid and resourceful, he was a dedicated protector of the People and their artifacts. He worked together with Beechwood Short to protect the people. He was a loving father to his son, and regretted that he could not spend more time with him. It was his hope that one day his son would be ready to work with him, but he nevertheless tried to protect him. Purehearted, he did not understand why Opal Koboi acted the way she did. After his rescue, he became more determined to finish what he had started.