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"We have some unfinished business."
―Artemis Fowl II[src]

Artemis Fowl is the main protagonist of the 2020 film Artemis Fowl. He lives in a giant mansion known as Fowl Manor. He is the son of Artemis Fowl Sr., who regularly traveled for work and sent his son postcards for his fairy collection. After his father is kidnapped, he hatches a daring plan to rescue him, but discovers that his father was actually part of something much bigger than he ever imagined.



Father and son in conference

"I know it's been hard, but look, my work is coming to an end and, like the stories, you know, they all have an ending that just, well, it makes you smile. And this one will be no different. And when it ends, a new story will begin and maybe, just maybe, it'll be yours."
―Artemis Fowl Sr. promising his son a new beginning[src]

Artemis Fowl Jr. lived with his father, Artemis Fowl Sr. in Fowl Manor, his mother Angeline Fowl having passed away. His father often went away on business trips, something which was very hard on Artemis. When Artemis Fowl Sr. did return, he would tell the young Artemis fanciful stories of fairies. One day, Artemis Fowl Sr. told him that he was going away again, but that this would be the final time and that their story would have a happy ending.

Soon after this, however, young Artemis started seeing news reports that his father had disappeared while traveling on his yacht, the Owl Star. Artemis then received a phone call, in which a mysterious female voice told him that he must find the Aculos or he would never see his father again. When he asked what it was, she told him only that he was a clever boy and would figure it out.

Searching for a clue, Artemis turned to a poem that his father had often recited to him, the "Irish Blessing." In the Fowl Manor Library, he discovered his father's journal, which contained the message that the Aculos could not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands and had be protected even from the fairies. "Time to believe," read the journal, and Artemis was forced to accept the truth of the mysterious world in which his father was involved. Artemis searched, but could not find the Aculos, even though he was convinced it must be somewhere within Fowl Manor. Remembering a story from his father's journal of a fairy who appeared periodically at the Hill of Tara, he hatched a plan to gain fairy aid in his quest.

With the help of his bodyguard Domovoi Butler and Butler's sister, Juliet, he kidnapped a fairy named Holly Short and brought her back to Fowl Manor. Recalling a conversation with his father, he donned sunglasses to protect him against the effects of the fairy mesmer. He told her that he was in charge and that she was part of his plan. When she told him that her people would come for her, he replied that it was what he had hoped she would say.

The siege of Fowl Manor

"Get ready. This is going all the way."

"This has nothing to do with your father. Look at you with that grin, thinking you're outsmarting everyone with your little suit and sunglasses. You're enjoying all this. You think it's a game."
―Holly Short questioned young Artemis's motivations[src]

Holly was an officer of a fairy police squadron known as LEPRecon and her commander, Commander Root, ordered a time freeze in place over Fowl Manor. Artemis then "suited up" and faced the fairies, standing alongside Domovoi Butler, taking down many, shooting and destabilizing the device that was creating the time freeze, and ordering that someone be sent in to negotiate. Commander Root then entered and she recognized Artemis's name, telling him that the Fowls had been giving her people trouble for centuries. She told him to release Officer Short immediately, or she would destroy the house and everyone in it. He replied that in exchange, he would expose her existence to the world. She replied that he was in a time freeze and couldn't get out and he told her that it was only for another 27 minutes. He stated that his terms were that she bring him the Aculos and Short would go free. She warned him that they did not pay ransom, but he told her she had 15 minutes, and that no fairies were to enter the house while he was alive.

In response to Artemis's ultimatum, Commander Root called in the services of Mulch Diggums, a reprobate "giant dwarf" (Dwarfus Giganticus) who was in for the third time at the notorious prison Howler's Peak. Meanwhile, Artemis returned to Holly, telling her that thought that her commander got the message. She asked him how expected this all to end and he told it was with him getting what he wanted, which was his father's safe return. She replied that what was happening had nothing to do with his father, that he thought he was outsmarting everyone in his little suit and sunglasses and thought it was a game. He answered that his father was kidnapped and she shot back that her father was dead. He asked if he could trust her and she replied that he had to, that he had no choice. He removed the sunglasses, asking her how her father died. She told him that it was on the Hill of Tara, that he had been ambushed by one of their own kind because he'd stolen something called the Aculos. Artemis told her that he had read in his father's journals about the Aculos, and a fairy who swore to protect it, named Beechwood. She replied that Beechwood was her father and that the Aculos was a skeleton key for the universe that could open portals between worlds. For taking it, people called him a criminal, like Artemis's father, but it wasn't true.

When Mulch Diggums arrived, Holly Short recognized his sound. As Mulch broke into the family safe, Artemis asked Holly if she would promise not to take command of his brain if he let her out. She agreed that she wanted nothing to do with his brain and he freed her, her commenting that it sounded like he wasn't the only one who was opening locks. He told her that if she ran, he would expose her existence to the world. She asked if he thought he could trust her and then decked him in the face, telling him that now he could trust her. "Fair enough," he agreed and they went to confront Mulch, who had just succeeded in opening the safe and was face-to-face with the Aculos. Artemis reached out to grab it, but she warned him that it would kill him if he used it, if any human did. He replied that he didn't need to use it, that his bargaining position had just gotten a lot stronger, and that the fairies outside mustn't hear that they had it. Mulch then told him that they already knew, indicating a camera inside one of his eyes.

Opal Koboi, monitoring the situation, sent in her secret weapon, a double agent for her named Briar Cudgeon. He then ordered a troll to be sent into Fowl Manor. Hearing the troll's growling and grunting, Artemis asked Holly what it was and she explained, telling him it was a creature that consumed humans in 2.97 seconds and fairies in less than one. She warned him to get ready, as it was going all the way. He told her that he didn't read much on trolls in his father's journal, asking if there was anything that he should look out for. "The teeth," she replied and he answered that it was good to know. The troll began its monstrous attack and although Artemis shot at it using one of the fairy weapons, a Neutrino 2000, it had little to no effect. Artemis moved in for another shot at the troll, hanging from a chandelier, but seeing that Artmeis was about to be crushed, Domovoi Butler shoved him out of the way. The troll fell on top of him instead. It was knocked out or dead, but Domovoi was crushed or badly injured. Artemis shouted at Juliet to try the phone again and get help.

Artemis pleaded for Holly to do something to help him, but she was powerless, as her magic was being blocked. Artemis told Domovoi to hold on and he replied that in kendo they called it the kiri oroshi, or the fatal blow. Artemis replied that he had done great and that the Butlers would be proud. "Goodbye, my friend," Domovoi told him, and Artemis, teary-eyed, watched as his eyes closed, reciting the Irish Blessing, "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may a friend be always near." Just afterwards, permission was granted to restore Holly's magic by Chix Verbil, acting against Briar Cudgeon's orders. Surging with magic, Holly placed her hand against Domovoi's chest and restored him to full health. Ecstatic, Artemis told him that Holly had brought him back. "I didn't cry, did I?" he asked and Artemis admitted "A little bit." As the time freeze was about to collapse, Artemis asked Mulch if he had the Aculos and Mulch showed it, glowing inside his chest, as he had swallowed it.


Artemis Fowl and Holly Short's goodbye

"You failed, Opal. You were wrong about my father, about Beechwood, about everything. And now, we're coming for you."
―Artemis Fowl to Opal Koboi[src]

The time freeze ended and inside Fowl Manor, Artemis Fowl held the Aculos. Domovoi asked if thy had won, but Artemis replied that he couldn't give the Aculos to Opal Koboi, that it was too powerful. He couldn't use it either to get his father back because it held a power no human could access, the source of fairy magic, as important to them as the sun. Artemis told Domovoit that it was useless in his hands, then Holly appeared telling him "But not in mine." He told her she was late and she answered that she was breaking every rule in the book. He said that she liked to break rules and she agreed that he could talk. He asked to trade the Aculos for his father and she wanted to know how she could trust him. He told her that his father used to say that "A friend's eye is a good mirror." She asked if they were friends and he agreed that they were forever friends. They shook on it.

In her lair, Opal Koboi told Artemis Fowl Sr. that his time was up and to say hello to Beechwood. However, back at Fowl Manor, Holly used an incantation to activate the power of the Aculos. At first, it did not appear to work, and Artemis despaired. Then, however, there was a soft rumbling and in a golden mist, Artemis Fowl Sr. appeared in the Fowl Manor Library. The two hugged and the young Artemis introduced his father to Officer Holly Short, the daughter of his old friend Beechwood Short. Holly then walked over to Artemis, bidding him a last goodbye before using the Aculos to return to her people.

As news vans crowded outside Fowl Manor, Artemis Fowl Sr. commented to the young Artemis that they had garnered a lot of attention. He replied that he had someone working on it and Artemis Fowl Sr. answered that he expected he would. He handed him a pair of keys, telling him "Just make sure you wash it before you bring it back, okay?" The young Artemis asked where they were going and Artemis Fowl Sr. replied that they were going to finish things. He asked if he thought he was ready and he told him he knew that he was. The young Artemis donned his sunglasses and walked away, saying that he first had a call to make.

He called Opal Koboi, telling her that she had failed and she was wrong about his father, Beechwood, and everything and that now they were coming for her. She asked if he thought he could beat her, saying that he had no idea the world he had entered. She asked who he thought he was and he replied "I'm Artemis Fowl... and I'm a criminal mastermind," before boarding a helicopter with his father and Domovoi Butler. The three then used it to break Mulch Diggums out of the interrogation facility in which he was being held. As he boarded the helicopter, Artemis asked him if he was ready to get back to work. Mulch replied that he thought he'd never ask and Artemis said that they had some unfinished business. "I love my job!" agreed Mulch as they flew into the sunset, Holly Short flying alongside them.


Fowl and Domovoi Butler with Ho Chi Minh City Fairy

"We'll get him back. Believe me. I'll do whatever it takes."
―Artemis Fowl Jr. to Domovoi Butler regarding his father, Artemis Fowl Sr.[src]

In a deleted scene, Artemis traveled to Ho Chi Minh City with Domovoi, where he met with a decrepit woman in a lonely market stall. She told him that her throat was dry and that she needed wine. He tossed her a bottle, saying that she might prefer the whiskey in it. She drank deeply of it and then said that he had pain, asking if he wanted her to heal him. She identified him as being English, but he replied that he was actually Irish and gave his name. She replied that she knew he would come and he told her that he wanted her book. She laughed and replied that if she was a fairy then she could kill him with a snap of her finger. He answered that she wouldn't, as she had just swallowed a bottle of holy water and had about sixty seconds before she burned from the inside out, unless the drank the antidote which Domovoi was holding, water from the Hill of Tara. She smoked and gagged, begging for it, but he told that she wouldn't have it unless she gave him the book. She produced it, warning him that to read it was to risk losing his very soul. He replied that his father's life was at stake. He took the book and snapped images with his smartphone, and Domovoi tossed over the antidote.

Domovoi warned Artemis to hurry, as the fairy transformed into a beautiful young woman before their eyes. She grabbed back the book with magic, warning Artemis to turn back, that he didn't know what he was dealing with. She then flew away and Artemis, astonished, told Domovoi that it was all true that fairies were real. On the flight back, Artmeis asked Domovoi if he was okay and he replied that he had seen many things, but nothing quite like that, but Artemis knew who she was. Artemis answered that his father had taught him everything about them and that he must have known he would come face to face with them. Domovoi asked what was in the book and Artemis, pulling up a program on his laptop, suggested it was perhaps a way to get their gold and bring his father home. Domovoi told him that his father would be proud of him, and that he had failed in his duty to protect him, the first Butler to do so in generations. Artemis told him to believe that they would get him back, that he would do whatever it took.

After Artemis released Holly, she told him that the fun was over and he was under arrest. He reminded her that he had invited her into the house and that within it, she must obey him, or she would lose her magic forever. Holly then ordered Mulch to restrain Artemis, or else he would spend the next thousand years in a cell filled with goblins. Mulch told her to "bring it down" and turned to Artemis, upon which he warned Mulch to stay where he was, or he would lose his magic also. Mulch began some panicky playacting before calling Artemis a pipsqueak, telling him that he was a giant dwarf and didn't have any magic, but he did have something far greater: his height. Domovoi Butler then appeared behind him and, seeing Domovoi's size, Mulch commented that at least he was finally a dwarf.

Personality and traits

Artemis Fowl Jr. and Dr. Po chatting in Dr. Po's office

"You have no idea the world you've entered, boy. Just who do you think you are?"
"I'm Artemis Fowl... and I'm a criminal mastermind."
―Opal Koboi and Artemis Fowl[src]

Artemis Fowl Jr. is a boy easily underestimated, having baffled every I.Q. test he's ever taken. Isolated from his peers due to his vast intellect and love of technology, his bodyguard Domovoi Butler is the closet person he has to a friend. He does not take being prodded easily, delivering a devastating comeback to a psychologist who tries to get inside his mind. He enjoys hobbies such as surfing and hoverboarding. At just seven-years-old, he beat European chess champion Evan Rashoggi in five moves. At nine, he won the architectural competition to design the Dublin Opera House. At ten, he cloned a goat and named it Bruce.

Behind the scenes

  • Author Eoin Colfer based the character on his brother, who was quite mischievous in his youth, but also very charming.[1]



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