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"A genius. A criminal mastermind. A millionaire. And he is only twelve years old."
―Back cover of Artemis Fowl [src]

Dr. Artemis Fowl II is an Irish prodigy who is originally an adversary but is eventually an ally of fairy civilization. He has black hair, blue eyes, very pale skin; a nearly dysfunctional family with an elaborate history of crime, a loyal manservant and bodyguard called Butler, millions of euros at his disposal, and the highest intelligence of his generation.

He can also be called Artemis Fowl Junior.


Artemis was a certified child genius, having the "highest tested IQ in Europe". A product of his father's criminal empire, his incredible intellect, and criminal tendencies afford him with the ability to construct and execute brilliant and complicated plans. However, this places him in a position of social disadvantage, as he trusts no one enough to regard them with true affection or respect. It was noted that his childhood was orderly and disciplined, which had a profound effect on his psychological development. His father's capture by the Russian Mafia, and his mother's subsequent descent into madness forced him to take on adult responsibilities at the tender age of eleven.

Artemis initially displayed a cold, ruthless, and almost psychopathic nature, compounded by his surety in his own intelligence. As the head of a disintegrating criminal empire, he presented a controlled, cruel, and manipulative personality. He has many times shown his lack of respect for others he knows. However, the young boy underneath the premature adult mask sometimes does shine through, and with the help of his loved ones, he comes to cast off an amoral, selfish lifestyle in pursuit of a career that benefits all of Earth's inhabitants, while allowing him to exercise his aforementioned intellect. After his initial encounter with Holly Short, he remarks that he finds some of his criminal ventures less than palatable, and he comes to regret (and apologize for) Holly's abduction. When he travels back in time, in he is appalled to realize just how sadistic, cruel, and obnoxious he was before he met the People.

His evolving moral compass allows him to become a more open, honest, and trustworthy person, and he often finds himself playing the reluctant hero in his adventures. He gradually leaves behind his loneliness and embraces the people in his life as true friends and equals. His love for his friends and family is genuine, and he will often put their well-being ahead of his goals and personal safety. If a plan is necessary for the sake of a loved one, he will execute it, consequences are damned. However, this caused a realization of his previous wrongdoings, which triggered a syndrome known as Atlantis Complex.

After hitting puberty in The Lost Colony, Artemis shows a normal romantic interest in girls, but his compulsion to present himself in a formal and imposing manner delays many normal social interactions for boys his age.

He enjoys using his brain and has studied many fields in depth, becoming an expert in electronics, psychology, sociology, physics, literature, fine art, and music, to name a few. He has even contributed to the general body of knowledge under several pseudonyms.

Character History

The Fowl Family is an Irish criminal dynasty, which dates back to at least the Norman Conquest. It has amassed a stupendous fortune through both legitimate and illegitimate excursions. These fortunes have been placed in jeopardy in recent times by Artemis's father, Artemis Fowl I, who invested a huge chunk of the Fowl fortune in founding new shipping lanes to the country of Russia, following the breakdown of communism there. The Russian Mafia did not take kindly to a Westerner playing in on their market, and sunk his vessel, the Fowl Star. Artemis Fowl I was injured and held hostage, by The Russian Mafia, after a sweep for any survivors.

Artemis, who was nine at the time his father disappeared, vowed to regain the Fowl fortune. Following leads on the Internet, he discovers the existence of an underground world of fairies, and at age twelve, attempts to, and succeeds at stealing their gold.

He also uses many pseudonyms and aliases to hide his identity; most reflect his intellectual level. They include "F. Roy Dean Schlippe" (Freudian slip), "Stefan Bakshir" (Russian child chess prodigy as well as character from The Supernaturalist), "Alfonse Lee" (teenage son of Colonel Xavier Lee, one of Butler's aliases), "Emmesey Squire" (E = mc2), "Dr. C. Niall DeMensha" (senile dementia), "Sir E. Brum" (cerebrum), Malachy Pasteur, and "Violet Tsirblou" (Violets are blue).

The latter two are mentioned in the sixth book of the series, The Time Paradox. Violet Tsirblou was the pseudonym he first mentioned having used as an author to write romance novels at age ten. Malachy Pasteur was a false identity he used to join the Extinctionists' Database.

In The Lost Colony, his birthday is noted to be September 1st as confirmed in The Atlantis Complex.

Physical Appearance

""Sun did not suit Artemis. He did not look well in it. Long hours indoors in front of a computer screen had bleached the glow from his skin. He was white as a vampire and almost as testy in the light of day.""
―Page 3 of Artemis Fowl[src]

Artemis is said to be abnormally pale and has been compared to a vampire on several occasions. His smile is said to be vampiric. He is very slender and not physically fit, with dark raven black hair. In the Graphic Novel, it shows that Artemis has a prominent widow's peak, although in the books it is mentioned that his hair falls over his forehead, suggesting it to be styled differently.

Artemis was born with startling blue eyes, but, thanks to traveling through Limbo, he acquired heterochromia iridium as he and Holly Short swapped eyes; each now had one blue eye and one hazel eye. However, at the end of The Last Guardian, after Artemis' original body had died, Artemis' soul was inserted into a clone's body, and both his eyes are now blue again. Foaly also stated that the clone has six toes on his left foot.

In The Lost Colony, Artemis Fowl hitches a ride with a demon on a time jump. When he returns to his time stream, his pointer and middle finger have been switched. Throughout the whole series, there is no other mention of this physical deformation except at the end of the fifth book when he reveals he has stolen magic.

After N°1 helps them travel through time again, he enters the time stream physically fourteen, comes out in the past seventeen, and returns to the present at the age of fourteen again. In an extract of The Atlantis Complex, Artemis is shown to be 5'5" and weighs fifty-five kilos (one hundred twenty-one pounds).


The Arctic Incident

Having been sent to boarding school, Artemis is bored from undergoing psychiatric treatment. He leaves in the middle of a session when Butler informs him that the Russian Mafia has sent a video demanding ransom for Artemis's father. On their way to Russia, Artemis is stopped by Captain Holly Short, who (along with Foaly, Julius Root, and the rest of the LEP) suspects him of smuggling human batteries to the B'wa Kell goblin rebellion. After Foaly proves Artemis's innocence, he strikes a deal with the LEP, in which he will help them capture the real culprit in exchange for their aid in the rescue of Artemis the first.

Opal Koboi, the mastermind behind the rebellion, pixie genius, and owner of Koboi Laboratories, a company that has designed numerous gadgets for the LEP, along with disgraced-in-the-first-book Briar Cudgeon, makes her move. She captures and renders Foaly helpless, unleashes the goblins against the city, shuts down all LEP weaponry, and send goblins to ambush Holly, Artemis, Butler, and Root. After Foaly managed to send them a warning of the havoc below, Artemis decides to abandon his father temporarily and, together with the team, saves Haven City. They then return to the Arctic to get Artemis's father rescued. Artemis uses the controversial tactic of faking the shooting of his own father, using his own blood in the process, then lures the Mafia away from the body so that the fairies can rescue him.

There are two epilogues. In the first, Butler persuades Artemis to thank Holly for her efforts in the rescue, which he found very difficult and taxing. Holly shoots a hole through a fairy coin with the finger Artemis has helped her heal. She then tells him to keep it, to remind him of the good person he is deep down, and for him to improve himself in the future.

In the second epilogue, Artemis is back at school in the counselor's office. The counselor, Dr. Po, asks if Artemis has finally found someone worthy of his respect, and he says yes, thinking of his father, Butler, Holly Short and Julius Root.

The Eternity Code

"There is always time for one more job."
―The Eternity Code

Soon after his father is rescued at the end of The Arctic Incident, Artemis Fowl II knows that his time of freedom is nearly at an end. His last venture, or so he tells himself, is to show Jon Spiro, a shady IT businessman, the C Cube, a minicomputer created from LEP technology stolen during the Fowl Manor siege. Artemis offers to keep the Cube off the market for one year in exchange for a ton of gold, but Spiro instead steals it and it is finally revealed that Artemis was lured into his trap. Butler is fatally shot by Arno Blunt, Spiro's bodyguard who attempted to kill Artemis, but Artemis freezes Butler and transfers him to the Ice Age Cryogenics Institute, to wait for the fairies' aid.

Below in Haven, the city is shut down due to a 'ping', which is actually the C Cube incidentally picking up the LEP on the radar when Artemis demonstrated its performance to Spiro. After that, Holly Short is sent to investigate when a mysterious caller has shown extensive knowledge of the Fairy People, only to find it was Artemis's plan to send for help.

After Holly had healed and revived Butler and the LEP is informed of the situation, the two groups again strike a deal. Holly (and later Foaly also in secret) will aid Artemis in retrieving the C Cube, but Artemis has to agree to have his, Butler's, and Juliet's mind-wiped after the mission. The plan succeeds, but Spiro has expected this and catches Artemis as he takes the Cube. Switching to Plan B, Artemis lures Spiro into Phonetix, Spiro's major rival company, and there escapes with the Cube and defeats Spiro. Afterward, Artemis uses the C Cube to nullify Mulch Diggums's criminal record, and transfer some of Spiro's fortune to the Fowl account, and some Amnesty International.

Though Holly and Foaly both objected, saying that Artemis has almost become a nice person and that the wipe might reverse their effect on his personality, Commander Root insisted on mind-wiping Artemis and his associates. Artemis has planned for this, however, and instructs Mulch to remind him when the time is right, secretly giving Mulch a copy of records disguised as the gold coin Holly had given him back in the second book. Before the mind wipe, Holly mesmerizes Artemis and asks him if he has left anything to trigger total memory recall. Artemis avoids telling her about the disk disguised as a gold coin with mirrored contact lenses. He tells the fairies about an e-mail sent to himself, internet storage space, and a time capsule in the garden.

Artemis wakes up the next morning to find the contact lens in his eyes and vows revenge on the person who is "spying on him.", and it can be implied from the text that he has once again returned to his unlawful ways.

The Opal Deception

The Opal Deception follows Artemis as he struggles to regain his lost memories and save the planet from the revenge of an old rival, Opal Koboi while clearing the name of an innocent LEP officer. Opal plans to terrorize and eliminate all of those who had been against her in the past, starting with Julius Root, Holly Short, Foaly, and Artemis, while still remaining undetected by tricking the public into belief of her continued coma.

After assassinating Commander Root and framing Captain Holly Short for the crime, Opal proceeds to attack Artemis and Butler with a bio-bomb. Only Butler's high-tech gear, soldier intuition, a mattress, and a three-story fall save them. Holly rescues and takes him to the Temple Bar area in Ireland, where Holly explains the situation to him and asks for his help. Opal follows them there and captures them, after stunning Artemis who was giving her a lecture on her psychotic frame of mind, fortunately, Artemis still has his phone connected to Fowl Manor while bantering with Opal.

Holly and Artemis are transported in Opal Koboi's stealth shuttle to the Eleven Wonders of the World Exhibit, an old fairy theme park depicting scale models of human architectural wonders. The park is now overrun by trolls resorting to cannibalism to survive. After a short chase, Holly and Artemis become trapped on the roof of the Temple of Artemis, during which Artemis has brief flashes of memories of the Arctic.

Meanwhile, the LEP is alerted of the Commander's demise and of Holly's association. Mulch escapes from his prison transport on the way to his hearing and makes for Fowl Manor. There he finds Butler and uses Artemis's disk to return Butler's memories to him. They analyze the conversation between Opal, Artemis, and Holly in Temple Bar and proceeded to rescue them.

After being rescued by Butler and Mulch's natural talents, the team proceeds to stop Opal from revealing the presence of fairies to humans. They trick her into opening a secret "booty box", a smuggling compartment with technological advancements, with shaped charges in it on her stealth shuttle. Opal was going to use the charges to lead a probe encased in ten million pounds of molten iron to destroy Haven City.

The book ends with Holly quitting the LEP after her name is cleared, unimpressed by Commander Root's replacement, Ark Sool, and starting Short and Diggums: Private Investigators, a PI firm, with Mulch Diggums.

The Lost Colony

In The Lost Colony, Artemis teams up with Holly and Section Eight, a covert division of the LEP, in a double mission to secure a time-jumping demon and prevent a collapsing time tunnel from exposing the demon island of Hybras to the human world.

The book opens with Artemis and Butler waiting in Barcelona, Spain for what is later revealed is actually the materialization of one of the eighth type of Fairies, a Demon, in which Artemis considers will be essential evidence to his theory. Artemis is going through puberty and finds himself repeatedly being distracted by girls, especially the pretty blonde one at the nearby restaurant and Maria, the extremely attractive limousine driver.

When a demon appears, though several meters off-target, Artemis grabs onto him and takes a quick trip back through time. Butler, coincidentally wearing a silver bangle Juliet had sent to him from Mexico, is able to pull him back, due to silver being the most effective dimensional anchor, thus saving Artemis's life. However, Artemis does not arrive unchanged; He found out that two fingers on his left hand, the index, and the middle, have switched places, making him 'unique'.

Meanwhile down in Haven, Holly and Mulch are having some trouble with their PI business, as Holly's highly publicized face is always blowing their cover. With some advice from Artemis, they are chasing after the pixie Doodah Day, a legend fish smuggler, and after a couple of setbacks, manage to outwit him. They are forced to relinquish him, however, when Wing Commander Vinyaya shows up with an Artemis Fowl-related proposition for Holly, though not before Mulch slipped a tracker into Doodah's boot.

Holly and Mulch are taken to Section Eight, a secret and lavishly funded division of the LEP responsible for monitoring demon activity. There, Vinyaya and Foaly, newly recruited from the LEP ranks as the technical consultant, fills them in on the demon situation. Demons are the eighth family of the fairy People, who refused to move below ground after The Battle of Taillte ten thousand years ago. They instead transported their island, Hybras, into Limbo, a place where time does not exist, using a volcano as their source of power. But due to the enormity of the volcano's force, the demon warlocks who initiated the time spell could not control the power and, though they succeed in transporting Hybras, they themselves were flung into space to their deaths. Hybras is now stuck in Limbo, though sometimes demons randomly 'pop up' over the centuries due to their lunar attraction, and most recently, in Barcelona.

Foaly had been calculating demon materialization and found out that he had incorrectly predicted the exact spot of the materialization. However, for some unknown reason, Artemis got it correct, and, after reluctantly admitting that she is contacting Artemis in secret, Holly is sent to question him.

The narration then switches to Limbo, telling the story of the imp N°1, who for some reason is unable to warp into a demon-like the rest of his kind. N°1 begins to suspect he possesses magic after he unwittingly turns a wooden skewer into stone, piercing the scale of Leon Abbot. Abbot is the proud leader and self-proclaimed savior of the demons, who claims that he had been blasted into the future instead of coming to Limbo and managed to threaten the only surviving warlock from the time spell to send him back, though not before he had grabbed a human crossbow and Lady Heatherington Smythe's Hedgerow, which now serves as a mix between a holy book and textbook for demons.

When N°1 suggests to Abbot that he could be a warlock, Abbot uses the mesmer on N°1, persuading him to jump into the volcano back to Earth to find the surviving warlock Abbot had mentioned, and N°1 obeyed.

After briefing Butler about the demons and his theory of the time spell unravelling, Artemis goes with him to the Massimo Bellini theatre in Sicily, his new calculations predicting that the next demon would appear there right on the stage where Norma is showing.

Holly appears, and begins to question Artemis. He informs Holly (and by the iris-cam, Section Eight), that what prompted him to research the demons are his debt for the fairies' past help and the challenges their problems present his intellect. He tells her of his theory about the time spell breaking, and of the resulting disaster in which demons will appear everywhere on Earth, leading to the discovery of the People and possible genocide.

Later, Butler, testing the night-vision on Holly's new helmet while waiting for the materialization, notices the blonde girl and her three male associates from Barcelona. Artemis concludes that they might also be after the demon, and noting the crippled man pointing his crutch, a possible dart rifle, at the materialization spot, says that they plan to take him alive and will cause a distraction to do so. Holly, desperate to keep the demon from their clutches, reluctantly watches as he was anchored and abducted.

Artemis, deducing that the blonde girl is their leader, gets her attention and finds that she knows him, saying his name in reply. He sets Holly to spy on her. Foaly finally manages to track down some data on the group. The girl is identified as Minerva Paradizo, a child prodigy from France. The three men are her father Gaspard Paradizo, Juan Soto, the head of Soto security, and the crutch man is Billy Kong, a dangerous criminal.

After following Minerva back to her destination, the Chateau Paradizo in Tourrettes sur Loup, Holly, spotting Minerva's baby brother Beau on his electric toy car, suggests using Doodah and his legendary driving skills to infiltrate the mansion's intimidating security system. Mulch is then sent to recruit Doodah with the incentive of Foaly expunging all of Doodah's criminal records.

Doodah, disguised as Beau, successfully infiltrates the chateau. His cover is later blown when he encounters Minerva, and escapes while Foaly distracts the Paradizo security forces using several phantom images of the French special forces. Minerva appears to have deceived Artemis after secretly switching the demon to another container and luring Holly into an adapted car, spraying her with sleeping gas and abducting her also.

Minerva has a conversation with N°1 in his cell, revealing to him that Abbot had materialized in Chateau Paradizo's grounds two years earlier and had been anchored by some silver on a statue. After learning that the demons can no longer take down the humans due to their advanced development, Abbot confided to Minerva the details of the time spell in exchange for the book and the crossbow, then dug out the silver shard and returned to Limbo. Minerva then tells N°1 that her goal is to present her calculations to the Nobel committee, thus being the first child to receive the prize, which "not even the great Artemis Fowl" had won. Also, she intended to have humans prepare for the materialization of demons when the time spell breaks, anchoring them and caging them for study.

Holly, who had vented the car and had been feigning unconsciousness to enter Chateau Paradizo as Artemis planned, encounters Billy Kong in her cell. She manages to knock him out and escapes, reuniting with her helmet Foaly had bounced from its place and rescuing N°1 while Artemis distracts Minerva on the phone. Minerva then realizes that Artemis had actually 'let' her capture Holly in order to get N°1.

Gaspard persuades Minerva to give up on the project, saying that N°1 is a sentient, intelligent creature, to which she complies. Billy Kong, who believed that demons killed his brother, wants revenge and forces Minerva to continue with the project, knocking out her father and Juan Soto and threatening her with their lives.

Artemis, watching the events from his laptop, is determined to help Minerva. Noticing the runes on N°1's body and recalling something, he calls Kong and uses the power of 'suggestion' to persuade Kong's subconscious into scheduling the ransom drop at Taipei 101, trading N°1 for Minerva's life.

After swapping with Minerva at Taipei 101, N°1, at Artemis's direction, drops the silver fragment that had been used to anchor him to Earth. He is briefly teleported away but rematerializes on the Taipei 101's giant silver pendulum, which, being coated in silver, acted as an alternative anchor. To Kong, it appeared as though N°1 had dematerialized completely back to Limbo. After rejoining with Holly and N°1, Artemis reveals the second part of his plan as the art exhibition on the fortieth floor, which he hypothesizes are the warlocks from the time spell circle, turned to stone by the gargoyle's touch, the same trick N°1 had used on the skewer back in Limbo. Now sure N°1 is a warlock, Artemis tells him to reverse the spell. Kong had followed them, however, and one of his men strapped a bomb onto Holly before Butler managed to knock out all of them. N°1 can only revive one warlock, Qwan, the leader, due to the other ones being all dead. Artemis has Holly fly all of them except Butler and Minerva out of the window to the next building for him to defuse the bomb. This failed, however, when Holly's wings shut down due to excess weight, but Artemis has planned for this and takes off N°1's new silver bangle Holly had put on, transporting all of them to Hybras. On the way to Hybras, Artemis manages to steal some magic by embracing it, later discovering that humans must have had magic at one time. Now on Hybras, Artemis suggests using the bomb's power to convert into enough magic to lift the island back to Earth's current time. Their materialization in the volcano alerted the demon colony, and the two groups faced each other. Qwan revealed that Abbot and his friend Bludwin were the ones who broke the warlock's circle, causing the failure of the spell.

Abbot, having mesmerized the entire council into believing he is their king, sets the demons to destroy the group. Abbot actually manages to kill Holly, N°1 and Qwan in the attack, but Artemis, using the collapsing time fields, fires an energy blast from Holly's gun back into the past to the spot where Abbot attacked her. The blast stops Abbot in the past, causing Holly and the warlocks back to life. The warlocks use the magical power of all five of them to initiate the teleportation of Hybras back to Earth. In the time field, they discover that the spirit of Qweffor, Qwan's apprentice, had been inside Abbot the whole time, as their bodies fused together when Abbot broke the time spell circle and stole Qweffor's magic. Holly also sees how Artemis saved her, but he tells her "It never happened."

Hybras rematerializes on Earth and is met with a massive LEP operation headed up by Foaly, who tells them that they were gone for three years, that Ark Sool was fired, and that Mulch has teamed up with Doodah and is doing well with Short and Diggums: Private Investigators, also calling Foaly daily to ask of Holly's return. Artemis and Holly realize that the time field had swapped one of their eyes

The LEP manages to dispose of Hybras so that humans would not notice a new island appearing overnight. Artemis is then taken to a nearby cottage, where he is told that someone is waiting for him. Holly follows him down the LEP ship's ramp to bid him farewell. She tells him how much he's changed, even developing a more open sense of humor. She kisses his cheek and sends him on his way.

When Artemis walks in the cottage Foaly had mentioned, a man pulls a gun on him, but with Artemis recognizing him saying "Butler. Is that you under all that hair?' Butler then tears down the curtains to see that Artemis had returned, and breaks down sobbing. After his bodyguard recomposes himself, Artemis shows him that he had picked up some magic through his journey, and could erase the truth Butler had told his parents and their suffering over the course of his disappearance. The book ends with Artemis in shock to learn he has become the elder brother to twins while he was gone.

The Time Paradox


Artemis and Holly on the cover of The Time Paradox

The sixth book in the Artemis Fowl series begins with Artemis, 14 years old due to his travel in the time stream, trying to teach restaurant etiquette to his two younger twin brothers, Beckett and Myles. It mentions briefly that his parents were in their room with a doctor, due to his mother having a slight flu. After hearing that his mother's organs are failing and she has mere days to live, Artemis tries to heal her with his stolen magic, but causes her condition to worsen dramatically. Artemis calls Holly, desperate for help. Holly, with the help of Foaly, diagnose Angeline Fowl with Spelltropy, a deadly illness that had decimated the fairy population. The only cure comes from the Silky Sifaka Lemur, which is now extinct after Artemis sold the animal. To get her help in saving his mother, Artemis makes Holly believe that she infected Angeline, a lie that causes him much guilt. Artemis, along with Holly, take another trip into the time stream, finding that upon entry that the travel aged Artemis to 18 and Holly to an adolescent. Their seemingly simple plan to steal the lemur from Fowl Manor goes immediately wrong as Butler discovers them and they are locked in the boot of the Fowl's car. Once awake, they realize that the car is in Rathdown Park, the place the only remaining Silky Safaka Lemur is being kept. They are broken out of the boot by Mulch Diggums, claiming that he found a note addressed to him, promising a stupendous amount of gold if he can help them. The three manage to locate the lemur and Mulch digs a tunnel into the cage, but Artemis realizes too late that the cages are interlocking, and the cage him and Mulch are in is the one of a gorilla. The gorilla almost kills both of them, but Holly scares the gorilla away and heals Artemis. Holly, overcome with relief and her sudden return to adolescence, kisses Artemis.

Meanwhile, in the next cage, the younger Artemis and Butler are tempting the lemur and manage to steal it. Artemis plans to sell the lemur to Damien Kronski, the leader of the Extinctionists. However, after the trade is completed, the lemur escapes and Butler kidnaps Holly. Artemis the junior then sells Holly herself to Kronski, passing her off as a unidentified species that is dangerous. At the Extinctionists meeting, Kronski attempts to kill Holly, but a disguised Artemis stands up to defend her case. They debate, and Kronski is defeated when Artemis manages to convince the room full of people that Holly is in fact a human girl. The Extinctionists are angry at Kronski and attempt to leave, but the guards lock down the building to stop them. Artemis and Holly are separated in the chaos and while Holly flees for the souq in which the deal between the younger Artemis and Kronski over the lemur was made, Artemis has a fight with Kronski himself, which results in Artemis being pushed into the pit that executes the animals. However, the flames turn out to be holograms, and Artemis is captured by the true villain: Opal Koboi, who needs the silky safaka lemur's (named Jayjay by Holly and Artemis) brain fluid to gain extraordinary powers. Artemis manages to escape by setting free the animals the Extinctionists believed they killed but were in fact being locked up by Opal and her two henchmen, Mervall and Descant Brill, the pixie twins. Holly, Artemis, Mulch and Jayjay reunite; Mulch leaves, only to have his memories sucked by Opal who immediately acknowledged what had happened, and the remaining three attempt to get to Fowl Manor, so they can return to their own time. However, the younger Artemis and Butler find them, and demand to know everything and then to be taken into the future with Artemis, Holly and Jayjay. Back in his own time, Artemis tries to cure his mother but it is revealed that the symptoms were faked by Opal Koboi, who has taken over his mother's mind. She followed them back through the time stream and dropped out of it a few days before Artemis did, so she would have the chance to take over Angeline. Eventually, Artemis leads Opal away from Fowl Manor and tricks her into believing Myles's monkey toy is Jayjay. He then ignites the methane trapped in a Kraken, which buries Opal under rock and debris and almost kills Artemis. Holly finds and heals him and takes him home, where N°1 tells them that he sent the younger Artemis back to their own time, with their memories wiped. After the fairies leave, Artemis visits his mother, who tells him she remembers everything that she saw when in Opal's mind, including Holly, N°1, and Artemis saving them all. She makes Artemis promise to tell her everything. At the end of the book, we are told that Opal escaped from under the rocks of the Kraken and is on the run.

The Atlantis Complex

Artemis as pictured on cover of the book The Atlantis Complex

Artemis Fowl has called a meeting with Captain Holly Short, Foaly, and Commander Vinyaya in Iceland. There Artemis reveals that he has invented a new idea to save the world. He created a small nanofiber flake that (when created in sufficient numbers) acts as imitation snow. His plan is to coat all of the glaciers in the world with this compound so that the new reflective coating keeps the iceburgs from melting. As they talk, both Holly and Foaly realize that Artemis's behavior is strange; he is constantly counting his words, and asks the fairies to arrange their seating by height. They conclude that Artemis has contracted The Atlantis Complex, a mental disorder common in criminals. The symptoms of the disease are similar to OCD, in addition, those who have contracted it may also experience paranoia, and multiple personality disorder. As a result, Artemis has begun to arrange his life around the number five (such as arranging his sentences into increments of five and avoiding the number four). He does not trust anyone, and as later displayed, he has an alter ego: Orion.

While Artemis Fowl is demonstrating the invention, which he has dubbed the Ice Cube, an unknown LEP space probe enters the atmosphere above them. When the probe impacts the shuttle the LEP arrived in, Commander Vinyaya and her Recon squad are instantly killed. Holly and Foaly are safe, but Artemis is standing right in the way of the so-called "scientific probe". Artemis actually believes that the probe is one of his delusions, and that he has to face his fears. Stranded on a rooftop, Holly cannot do anything to save him. She ends up having to shoot out the ground underneath Artemis to get him out of the way.

Meanwhile, having received an urgent text message from his sister, Juliet, Butler travels to Cancun. Once he gets there, he finds out that Artemis fabricated the message to get him out of the way out of mistrust. When he arrives, The fictitional danger turns out to be real when a fairy appears on the jumbotron system and urges the fans to attack. Butler manages to hold them off until Juliet disables the screen, returning the people back to normal. As the reunited siblings try to leave, they are attacked by a group of renegade dwarves who plan to mind wipe them of all their fairy knowledge (and everything else). But the two are saved by Mulch Diggums who joined the dwarves under a false idenity.

It is then revealed that Turnball Root is behind the attacks. While imprisoned in Atlantis, he had figured out how to create a small spark of magic, despite having lost his, and uses this skill to brand a control rune onto Vishby, one of the guards. Vishby provided him with all he needed to enact his plan. Root and his crew of ne'er do wells escape the prison shuttle and fake their deaths when the rogue probe crushed the prison transport.

Holly, having shot Artemis with a jolt of electricity to blast him out of the way of the probe, finds that Artemis is no longer himself. He has reverted to Orion, a carefree, optimistic alter ego who openly claims his love for Holly and calls Foaly a noble steed (much to the centaur's displeasure). Orion is obviously unaffected by the weight of the situation, and is also completely incapable of scheming, a trait which unfortunately is most vital seeing the group's status. When asked what to do, he invariably replies 'Set up a bivouac.'

The group finds an escape shuttle and uses it to follow the probe, which is drilling into the ice on a direct course to the city of Atlantis. The oxygen tank ruptures, and air is running out, and Holly is forced to knock out both Orion and Foaly to conserve oxygen long enough to get a warning out. Ironically, the zap causes Orion to revert into Artemis. They are then contacted by Commander Kelp, who forbids them to investigate any further. However, he implies they should look into the situation. Mulch, Butler, and Juliet then meet up and join Artemis, Holly, and Foaly. Turnball travels to Venice. He then finds his mortal wife and makes a plan to make her young again. After tangling with a giant squid, Artemis finds a computer core, and the fairies follow the trail back to Venice, and make plans to confront Turnball. But their sub is intercepted and they are captured. Turnball brands Artemis and Holly with his control runes and enacts his plan to kidnap a certain demon warlock to restore his human wife's youth.

In Atlantis, N°1 is helping those injured from the probe crash, when Holly, who is under Turnball's control, gets him to follow her onto the modified ambulance ship to help an injured Artemis. A fight ensues when the now freed LEP and humans (who managed to break free thanks to Mulch) encounter the remaining members of Turnball's group. Things look grim when Juliet and Butler lose, and all that is left is an unconscious Artemis, a slightly crispy Mulch, and Foaly. The tables turn when it is revealed that despite Artemis being under Turnball's control, Orion is not. The genius's alter ego manages to knock Holly out despite her stating that Artemis would never shoot her. Turnball has one last trump card: he rigged the ship to explode. Turnball's wife, who is now very old, finds out about Turnball's scheme to extend her life. She then tells him she has lived a long life and wants to go on one final journey. She flies the ship away with Turnball by her side. The ambulance explodes, killing them instantly, allowing the humans and fairies to escape.

Artemis later regains consciousness (thanks to a bit of N°1's magic that put him temporarily in control), but is still under the influence of the Atlantis complex. Butler calls Angeline Fowl and tells her of her boy's condition. She then expresses that she wants to be by his side. Butler promises that a squad of LEPrecon fairies are coming to transport her to Atlantis.

The Last Guardian

Artemis Fowl as pictured on The Last Guardian

Six months after the events of The Atlantis Complex, Artemis is undergoing therapy to cure his Atlantis Complex. During his final session, Dr. Argon proposes an interesting theory about residual magic: namely, that great magical events leave traces behind, and can possibly propel humans towards a belief in magic. Through research, Argon found that some great magical event happened at Fowl Manor thousands of years ago. Since then, various Fowls had tried for the 'crock of gold', including Artemis' own father.

With a clean bill of health from Argon, Artemis joins Holly, who is visiting Opal Koboi's clone in the clinic. The comatose clone, who has been affectionately named Nopal, is fading fast. They recieve an urgent message from Foaly concerning Opal Koboi, and depart for Police Plaza. In Operations, Artemis, Holly and Butler are shown a video stream.Two gnomes are holding Opal's younger self hostage, and bargain her life for the release of the present-day Opal.

Foaly and Artemis are the only ones to understand the ramifications of Opal the younger's possible death in this time: there is a ninety percent chance that if Opal the younger is murdered in the present time, then everything Opal influenced from after her younger self entered the present until now would spontaneously combust. Koboi Labs had fingers in nearly every industry in the Lower Elements, and was trading obsolete fairy technology to the humans. Spontanous combustion of everything Opal influenced after the time stream split would be apocalyptic.

Present day Opal's motivations are simple: she intends to use the energy from her own combustion to restructure her body with quantum energy and black magic. From there, she will carry out her ultimate plan. The LEP sound the alarms to evacuate the Lower Elements. Opal the elder is placed in an anti-rad chamber in hopes of containing her nuclear fission. The timer counts down as the gnomes demand her release. Caught between a rock and a hard place, the group is unsure what to do until Artemis suddenly recognizes the location from which the video is being broadcasted: Fowl Manor. Whatever Opal is up to, Artemis' family is in mortal peril. The timer runs out, and the younger Opal Koboi is executed. In the explosions that follow, much of Haven and Atlantis are destroyed. On the surface, humanity is returned to the Stone Age as every piece of illegal Koboi technology present in human systems explodes.

It turned out that Berserkers, ancient fairy warriors who died during The Battle of Taillte, had been placed under a spell in the Fowl estate grounds. Opal unlocks this spell, placing the Beserkers under her thrall. The Beserkers possess Myles, Beckett, Juliet, and several other animals and corpses. However, there is a second lock. It releases the magical power of Danu, the Earth Mother, and would destroy every human on Earth. Opal was on the brink of opening the second lock, when Artemis and an unconscious Holly Short both appear. Opal had invited them to come and let her watch her annihilate the human population. If Opal put her hand on the right handprint, she would close the Beserker's gate forever, and every fairy in the area would be killed. If she put her hand on the left handprint, she would release the power of Danu. Only Opal could make the decision. If anyone else tried to do it, nothing would happen. Then, Artemis places Holly's hand on the right handprint, only that it's not Holly's - it's Opal's clone, Nopal, the clone she made to escape the hospital in The Opal Deception. The real Opal screams at one of the Beserkers to kill Nopal, but instead, since he was released of his thrall, he kills Opal. A giant magical corona forms around the Beserkers gate, releasing every fairy's spirit. Artemis nearly escapes the corona, but is trapped by the magic in Holly's transposed eye. He manages a final goodbye to Holly and Butler, and dies on the spot.

Six months after Artemis's death, humanity has learned to be more eco-friendly. After the destruction of most modern technology, humans learned how to farm food themselves for their own families. Solar power and wind power are the top two most used energy sources. Humans had continously spotted some fairies in the months after the event, but could never get conclusive proof. Artemis is still mourned. Then, Holly and Foaly come back to Butler, and they tell him about Artemis's plan that they worked out from the information he gave them. Before "surrendering" to Opal at the Beserker Gate, Artemis had kissed Holly on the forehead, and told her to give it to Foaly for him. They realized that Artemis was giving them some of his DNA to use to make a clone. Because of the enormous amount of magic residue, they find Artemis's soul and put it into the clone. Artemis is returned to life, but with no memories of who he is. In an attempt to trigger his memory, Holly begins a story with the same words that began the first Artemis Fowl book.

"It all started in Ho Chi Minh City in the summer. Sweltering by anyone's standards. Needless to say, Artemis Fowl would not have been willing to put up with such discomfort if something extremely important had not been at stake. Important to the plan..."

The Fowl Twins

In the sneak peek for the upcoming novel The Fowl Twins it is revealed that Artemis, now in his early 20s, has left Earth on a five year scientific mission to Mars. His spacecraft is described as a "self-winding rocketship" that he designed and launched by himself. It is also revealed that Artemis designed Villa Eco, a high-tech environmentally friendly beach house that the Fowl family moved to after donating Fowl Manor to a farming co-op.

Personal Development

Artemis Fowl II in the film release

The series watches Artemis develop from a calculating criminal to a young man with acknowledged, though controlled (and rarely shown), emotions. At the end of the second book, Holly gives him a gold coin with a hole she shot through it with her magically healed index finger, to remind him of the spark of decency beneath his slyness after what he did for her. He later attached the coin to a leather cord which he wears at all times. The mind-wipe at the end of the third book reverses this process, but Artemis regains his emotions as he regains memories.

During the fifth book, Artemis begins to enter puberty and develops a crush on his female adversary Minerva Paradizo. Artemis also gains limited fairy magic at the end of the fifth book, which may have changed him further.

During the sixth book, Artemis loses possession of his magic powers in the beginning in a vain attempt to heal his mother.

It has been heavily emphasized that Artemis has never been exposed to (or at least never done) manual labor and is obviously soft muscled, as seen in The Arctic Incident, when he had trouble just jumping off and gripping the side of the train; The Opal Deception, when he and Holly are trying to escape a pack of trolls he can barely keep up with her by just even climbing a ladder; The Lost Colony, when he had to pull a bomb into a crater for an energy source; and in The Time Paradox, when he tries to get the lemur Jayjay off the power lines he can barely move his own body weight on a crank platform; during the fight with Kronski and how his blows do not affect the man at all; and when he sprints to the Fowl Manor Garage and could barely make the 100 yard run. This makes it obvious that if Artemis did not have Butler with him all the time, none of his plans could have been carried out, due to the fact Artemis is not a physical person. Artemis also seems to disdain the idea of actual exercise, as Butler has tried to coach him in physical fitness but he does not cooperate, and how he has made excuses before to get out of gym class. During the first few pages of The Time Paradox, we learn that the only form of exercise he has taken up had been horse back riding, due to the fact that the horse did most of the work. Later, during an attempt to rescue the Silky Sifaka Lemur, he takes a serious note of his lack of physical fitness and remembers how Butler has tried to train him in the gym. It is revealed in The Atlantis Complex that Artemis has began to improve on his physical fitness and has taking up training in MMA with Butler as his trainer.

At the end of The Time Paradox, Holly takes note of how selfless he's been, and Artemis slowly comes to realize how much he's changed since his father's disappearance a few years ago.

One of the emotional problems that Artemis faces throughout the series is puberty. At the beginning of the Lost Colony, he remarks that he can't help but be distracted by a girl sitting near them and frequently asks Butler whether it is normal for him to feel attracted to the pretty French girl. Artemis never acts on these emotions, though Butler says at the end of the Lost Colony that Minerva was hoping that he would stay in touch. Around the end of The Lost Colony, Holly is shown to kiss Artemis on the cheek before a brief, but tight hug. The concept of romance was finally really incorporated in the series in the Time Paradox. When Artemis and Holly go through the time stream, Artemis increases in age while Holly decreases, meaning that Holly is barely older than Artemis. She is disturbed by this and tries to keep her emotions under control. Finally, after healing Artemis from a near-death attack, she succumbs to the magic, adrenaline and newly resurgent adolescent hormones. Holly tells him that she 'couldn't do without [him]' and proceeds to kiss him, resulting in a very confused, and guilty Artemis. The most overt expression of romantic feeling that Artemis ever expresses toward Holly come from his alter ego Orion. After Orion briefly takes hold of Artemis's consciousness, he openly and repeatedly expresses his undying love to Holly. Whether his is a reflection of Artemis's repressed true feelings or merely Orion's own personal feelings is never made clear, though Orion is meant to be a contrast to Artemis.


Artemis Fowl

"I don't suppose you would consider peaceful surrender?"
"I prefer scared to dead. If possible."
"Let us proceed under the assumption that the fairy folk do exist, and that I am not a gibbering moron."
"Artemis: Lollipops!

Butler: Say again. I thought you said -

Artemis: Eh... I mean, get out of there. Take cover! Take cover! "

―Page 343
"I don't like lollipops."
"Knock yourself out...Or rather, don't."
"A ragged apron does not a waiter make."

"I am unarmed. But Butler here, my ...ah... butler has a Sig Sauer in his shoulder holster, two shrike

throwing knives in his boots, a derringer two-shot up his sleeve, garrot wire in his watch, and

three stun grenades concealed in various pockets. Anything else, Butler?"


"If I win, I'm a prodigy. If I lose, then I'm crazy. That is how history is written."
―Artemis Fowl II[src]

The Arctic Incident

"Just another quack spouting psychobabble."
The Arctic Incident
"Sometimes plans don't translate smoothly from paper to real life."

The Eternity Code

"All the better to see you with, Spiro."
The Eternity Code
"I never tell people exactly how clever I am. They would be too scared."
The Eternity Code
"Farewell, Jon. Never mess with a boy genius.."
The Eternity Code
"Trust me. I'm a genius."
The Eternity Code
"No, mademoiselle, I would not like to see the children's menu. I have no doubt that the children's menu itself tastes better than the meals on it."
The Eternity Code
"If you were me, then I'd be you. And if I were you, I'd hide somewhere far away."
The Eternity Code
"About my name. You were right in London when you said it was generally a female name, after the Greek goddess of the hunt. But every now and then, a male comes along with such skill at hunting that he earns the right to use the name. I am that male. Artemis the hunter. I hunted you."
―Artemis Fowl II[src]

The Opal Deception

"Finally, some intelligent conversation."
The Opal Deception
"...Or maybe a mechanical dinosaur."
The Opal Deception
"Honestly, Butler, the second we return to the hotel, I am disposing of this outfit. I miss my suits."
The Opal Deception
"Hilarious, dude. You should, like, have your own show."
The Opal Deception
"If we make it through this, we will be friends. Bonded by trauma."
The Opal Deception
"I am not most humans."
The Opal Deception
"No one ever calls me just to say 'Hello'."
The Opal Deception

The Lost Colony

"The pride comes before a fall."
The Lost Colony
"I have a friend, he knows all the numbers."
―The Lost Colony
"This could be hell."
The Lost Colony
"Everyone says that I have no sense of humor, then I construct a perfectly sound pun around a well-known psychological condition, and it is ignored."
The Lost Colony
"Hmmm...I am unique."
The Lost Colony
"I know magic can be stolen... because I stole some myself."

“Its this Blasted Puberty.” - The Lost Colony

The Time Paradox

"Why don't we paint some pictures?"
pg. 7
"Good. Someone has to be rational."
pg. 70
pg. 90
"All this is nothing more than dress up."
pg. 100
"Which would mean that they snuck in here and by passed the security in their underwear."
"Perhaps you have not noticed, Butler. I rarely 'kid'."
pg. 108
"Though there are more holes in it than a Dutch dam made of swiss cheese."
pg. 123
"Artemis: Dastardly, Butler? Dastardly? Honestly, Butler, we are not cartoon characters. I do not have a villainous laugh or an eye patch.

Butler: You'll have an eye patch real soon if you don't focus on the job at hand."

pg. 124
"We get an apartment together, and after a whirlwind courtship you marry my sister and honeymoon in Vegas."
pg. 128
"Look at those two. Wasting time. You wouldn't catch me doing that."
pg. 139
"It would take less than a second for you to die. But that's quite long enough to be in mortal agony, don't you think?"
"It is difficult to talk with a taped mouth."
pg. 253
"Why that's bordering on the unbelievable."
pg. 259
"We don't execute humans."
pg. 261

The Atlantis Complex

"Don't you worry about that, Mr. Adamsson. Why don't you head back to Reykjavik and spend some of that extortionate fee you charged me for a couple of hours' usage of your frankly third-rate restaurant and perhaps find a friendless tree stump to listen to your woes?"
"Oh, really? Perhaps we should ask the whales? Or perhaps the mink?"
"...None of which really matters as we would have long since asphyxiated"
"I will not be deterred, I am needed in the wide world."

Five, ten, fifteen, twenty! Please, we need to work quickly!

"And I will not be beaten by a jackass."
"One two three four five, wear the suit and stay alive."
"I'm the nut!"
"I want you to have a bath, dwarf. You stink."
"Of course I do. It's D-O-N-K-E-Y space B-O-Y."
"I hear you went on a date with Trouble Kelp. Are you two planning on building a bivouac any time soon?"
"Holly, if you can hear me, go faster!"
"Five. Five is everywhere."

The Last Guardian

"I want you to know, my dear friend, that without you, I would not be the person I am today. I was a broken boy, and you fixed me. Thank you. "
― to Holly Short

"Sometimes being devious pays off." "No." He lied to Holly and met her gaze. "No plan."

"Inkblots! Please, doctor, my lifespan is considerably shorter than yours..."


  • Favorite Song: Vivaldi's Four Seasons, It's No Game Pt. 2 by David Bowie
  • Favorite Food: Caviar
  • Not so favourite food: lollipops.
  • Author Eoin Colfer based the character on his brother, who was quite mischievous in his youth, but also very charming.[1]


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