Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel is a graphic novel adapted from the first book in the Artemis Fowl series. The story adapted and rewritten to fit with the graphic novel format by author Eoin Colfer, who is the writer of the original novels, and Andrew Donkin, while the art is by Giovanni Rigano with colors by Paolo Lamanna. The graphic novel was published October 2th, 2007 and was followed by Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident: The Graphic Novel, adapted from the book of the same name respectively.


The book starts with a description of Artemis Fowl, in the prologue.

It then begin to tell the story itself, which starts in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where Artemis, and Butler are. They are seeking the Book of the People, which is the holy book of the fairies, or their bible. They had been in many countries to find this book, and last time it even got sending Artemis and Butler right to Cairo in the capital of Egypt by Butler's secret source.

Artemis and Butler goes to meet Nguyen Xuan, their contact, who somehow knew where the Book of the People could be. But neither Artemis nor Butler were sure if they were right this time. They sat on a cafe on Dong Kai Street, and the heat was overwhelming. Artemis' skin was white as a ghost or a vampire, as it is described. It was caused because of too much time before the computer screen. A servant at the cafe came past them, and Artemis recognized him as Nguyen Xuan. They managed to get to him and talk with him, but he insisted that he wasn't a guy named Nguyen Xuan. But Butler and Artemis finally managed to get him to tell the truth, and Nguyen then led them to a kind of slum part of Ho Chi Minh City, near Tu Do Street. To a Fairy healer, who managed to be a fairy. It was a green one with mottled skin, and a mottled hand. They found the healer near the street. In a disgusting place, that flowed with old junk, and peoples which sat down, and starved. They had drived to the place in a Jeep. They found the healer, with help from night vision glasses, which could show temperatures.The fairy was a Sprite, and she wanted wine before she would say anything, so Butler took a bottle of wine, and gave it to the Sprite. She was alcoholic, and drank all of the wine. But the bottle was laced with holy water as well, in addition to wine, which would make a fairy dead in a day. So he made a deal that if he could look at the book for half an hour, then he would give her spring water from Tara, and a restoring booster for curing and remove the alcohol from her body. So he did that. She gave him the book, which was a golden book about the size of a matchbox, he then instead of reading it, captured photos of all the books' pages. When he had finished he gave her the water and the curing shots. And they left Vietnam, the healer, and Nguyen. At Fowl Manor back in Ireland, Artemis sat in his room, and used his computer, to translate the Book of the People's Gnommish letters. He used his Powerbook's Powertranslator to compare the language to the human's, but every time he tried a language, it said "NEGATIVE". He then tried the whole list, but finally found one: Egyptian. But at that moment, Juliet Butler, Butler's younger sister told Artemis about his mother asked for him. He then left his work and went to go to his mother's room. When he opened her door, she threw a little statue at the door which broke. She then told that she couldn't sleep because of the sharp sunlight which came from her window. She had began to hate sharp sunlight, after the disappearing of Artemis' father, for she missed him too much. So Artemis closed the curtains at the window, and told her why he had been away for some time. He lied about that he had been on a school trip, skiing in Austria. Artemis then left her room.

At Artemis' own room, he cut strips and pieces of paper, printed from the computer. It was the compared and translated letters of the Gnommish words. He then plugged them onto his wall, so it made up the translation which said was a little strange, but easy to understand. it said:

"The Book of the People.

Being Instructions to our Magicks And Life Rules.

Carry me always, carry me well.

I am the teacher of herb and spell.

I am they link to power arcane.

Forget me and they magick shall wane.

Ten times ten commandments there be.

They will answer every mystery. Cures, curses, alchemy.

These secrets shall be thine, through me.

But, Fairy, remember this above all.

I am not for those in mud that crawl.

And forever doomed shall be the one,

Who betrays my secrets one by one."

Artemis contacts Butler to tell him to bring Juliet and to come to his study. Artemis then tells Butler to turn off all of the computers aside from the Mac with the Book on it because he needed silence to end the translation. Butler is surprised that Artemis wants the CNN channel off too, because it hasn't been turned off for over a year, because if his father would be found, it would most likely be shown there first. But he turned it off and several other computers. Artemis had then ended the translation, and a big screen turned on. Artemis points on the at the screen which showing an ancient oak tree, and then he tells the story of the Ritual. The Ritual is the process of a fairy recharging its magic. It is done by taking an acorn from an ancient oak, near a river. Then the acorn is going to be planted somewhere else than where it was taken on a full moon, and the powers will return to the fairy. Then we begin hear about the Lower Elements (the underground world, which the fairies lives in) and the People, down there.

It starts showing Captain Holly Short, a Fairy, Elf, and Leprechaun. But Leprechaun is only a job, LEP stands for Lower Elements Police, and LEPrecon, stands for Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance. This chapter shows Holly complaining about how good her job is, and how good she is to it, but how her commander Julius Root never appreciates any of it because she is a female. It also shows how much she likes the water of a bath in the Lower Elements, because it is always hot because they're are so close to the volcanic core. It tells about Holly waking up, taking a bath, and putting on her police uniform. She then leaves her house, and out into Haven City, the capital in the Lower Elements. She left her house, to go to Police Plaza.On her way to Polics Plaza, she meets Mulch Diggums, a kleptomeniac tunelling Dwarf. He was on his way to the prison, and was taken care by officers. Holly then asks Mulch to roll up his sleeve, and he does that, and it shows that he had this time stolen peoples' watches, and also one of the officers'. Captain Holly Short then leaves Mulch, who is being confronted by an officer in the background. Holly then goes into the headquarters. Inside the headquarters, Commander Root calls Holly into his office. In his office, Holly is being confronted by Commander Julius Root, for being 45 seconds late but Julius is complaining about, he doesn't care how much it is, she is still late! Holly then asks for another chance, but suddenly a big screen calls with a transmission, about a troll that has been escaped the Lower Elements, and that is located in an Italian restaurant, so there she got another chance. So Holly takes it, and leaving the Lower Elements, with one of the pods, invented by Foaly. But an old one, which is soon going to be discarded. In Italy Holly finds the restaurant, and seeing all the rampage the troll had made on its way to there. She then hears a little boy inside from the restaurant shouting: "Aluto!" (Meaning "Help!") so that is an invitation (one of the Rules of the People: Do not enter a house without an invitation) and this was an invitation. So Holly was going inside the restaurant, confronting the troll, capturing it, deeleting the memory of the troll from the peoples from the restaurant, calling LEP, which comes and doing the rest. And again Commander Root was confronting Holly, and telling the rule about entering the house, but Holly tells about the invitation of from the boy. Commander Root then asks about how long ago she did The Ritual, and she tells at least four years, and then he got angry again, and tells her to do it now. So, she leaves the restaurant to go and do her Ritual. Holly flew to an ancient oak tree to get her acorn. She lands near the oak tree, but Artemis, Butler had hidden themselves, and then abducting Holly, Butler gives her a stunning arrow from a little gun. Before Holly was stunned, she had found out that the boy Artemis, knew many things about the People. Artemis, Butler then take Holly back to Fowl Manor. At Fowl Manor Holly was put in a cell, with a little bed, and Artemis, Butler and Juliet had mirroring sunglasses put on, so Holly couldn't use her Mesmer trick on them, because she needed both, the availability to hear her, and make eye contact, to hypnotise them.

Artemis told Juliet to go down and look what happened, and she did that, but Holly managed to make Juliet take off her mirroring sunglasses, and then Mesmerized her, to think that she was watching "television" on the "wall" Holly told her in her trance, that she watched the wrestling champions, and then she leaved the cell, with no problems. Artemis had found out that Holly had escaped the cell and sent Butler down to the cell to look after Juliet. Butler found her watching the "TV Wall" and managed to get her away from there. The LEP had now traveled to Fowl Manor, and had made a Time-stop on the manor, with the help from Foaly's Time-Stop Towers. Then Commander Root was going inside to talk with Artemis, and they discussed in a hall, at a long table, their deal. He would get one ton of fairy gold, carat 24. But Briar Cudgeon, an elf from the LEP, was putting a troll inside Fowl Manor, and Holly met it, and was injured, but Butler came to rescue, but was injured too. Holly healed him with her last powers, and Butler fought the troll and threw it out of the house. The LEP had made up a plan to send a Biobomb into the house, kill them all, get the gold back, and get back to the Lower Elements. But Artemis forced himself to fall asleep using sleeping pills, as well as Butler and Juliet, evading death from the Bio Bomb.



  • The book says that Holly's favorite weapon is the Neutrino 3000, which is incorrect. The Neutrino 3000 has not been invented yet.
  • The first view of Haven City shows advertisements for Spud's Spud Emporium, the Hummingbird Z7 (a pair of synthetic wings), Koboi Labs, and the Jargon Clinic.
  • It also shows graffiti that says something like "B'Wa Kell Rull Ok", and directions to Police Plaza.
  • On a TV, it says "...And so Chicago's district attorney had to watch yet again as Mr. Spiro walked free from court. Problems here proving difficult to solve." This is foreshadowing Jon Spiro's history in the third book.
  • When Mulch Diggums is in jail, the goblins say that there are four of them, when there are actually five. This could be an overlooked error, or just showing the goblin's stupidity.
  • The fairies, other than Mulch, are too tall; a twelve-year-old should be taller than one meter, surely.
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