"Be careful Artemis. I know the big one by reputation."
Butler [src]

Arno Blunt was the bodyguard of Jon Spiro. He Is described as having bleached-blond hair, a cutoff T-shirt and silver pirate rings in both ears. Blunt also has many tattoos. He chuckles derisively during a tense situation and has stare-out matches. Although he makes these mistakes, he is still very professional. His teeth were busted out by a fairy sonic grenade before he attempted to shoot Artemis. He has many sets of spare teeth including ones descried as being filled with blue oil and water.

It is suggested that he comes from New Zealand as he is described as having a New Zealand accent.

When they capture Artemis it shows that his mind is easy to scare. After he was sent to jail at the end of the third book, The Eternity Code, Butler persuaded him to confess what he had done by going into his cell with Cam Foil and appearing out of thin air like a ghost.


"Yesh. Mosh amushing, shir."
―Blunt after losing his teeth.[src]
"All ob 'em. Dentish shaid de roods were shaddered."
―Blunt explaining how many teeth he lost [src]
"I hear you guys are the best. That's what I hear. Let's hope we don't have to find out."
―Blunt talking with Butler.[src]
"You got that right, Butler. We're here to kill you. As soon as Mr. Spiro got the call, we started sending people in. I can't believe you fell for it, man. You must be getting old."
―Blunt talking with Butler[src]
"Me, I don't have a code (of honour). If you think I'm going to risk your somehow getting out of here, you're crazy. This is an uncomplicated deal. I shoot you. You die. No face-off, no duel."
―Arno Blunt[src]