"Mum. I have waited so long to hear you say that. So long." -Angeline Fowl, The Time Paradox

Dr. Angeline Fowl is a fictional character from the Artemis Fowl (series). She is the wife of Artemis Fowl l, and mother to Artemis Il, Beckett, and Myles Fowl.

After Artemis Fowl I disappeared, Angeline went into a depressed state, with the side effects of a person who had a sudden halt in narcotics usage. She is described as pretty in her normal state, although in the first book she is suffering from schizophrenia and apparent bipolar disorder, with hallucinations and delusions that caused her to think her husband's suit was actually her husband, that Artemis was her father, and dress up in her wedding dress believing it to be the day she was married.

While she was suffering from her depression, she had an aversion to Juliet Butler, to Artemis calling her "Mother" and to light. At the end of the first book, Artemis Fowl ll gives half of the ransom gold from the fairies back to Captain Holly Short to pay for a wish that Holly would heal her back to sanity.

In The Opal Deception, Artemis has changed drastically in his treatment of his mother. At the beginning of the series, he barely had a relationship with her, while at the beginning of the fourth book, he feels extreme guilt over lying to his mother in order to obtain a painting. Finally, in the sixth book, after witnessing her recovery, Artemis called her "Mum", a pronoun Angeline had urged him earlier in the series that he should adopt instead of the formal, distant "Mother".

Angeline has made appearances, however short, in the first four Artemis Fowl books. (She is only vaguely referred to in The Lost Colony). While Artemis was stuck in Limbo towards the end of the fifth book, she gave birth to twins - Beckett and Myles. She was also told about the People by Butler, although it was revealed in Book 6 that she and Artemis Senior had been mesmerised by Artemis II to forget this. In the sixth book, Angeline contracted a fatal illness known as Spelltropy, forcing Artemis II to travel back in time to recover the last known cure: the brain fluid of a lemur Artemis had made extinct when he was 10. It is later revealed that she was possessed by Opal Koboi, who wanted the lemur to increase her powers. At the end of the book, Angeline learned of the existence of the People through Koboi's memories, and demanded that Artemis II tells her everything

In Artemis Fowl

In the first book, Angeline is in a maddened state caused by the disappearance and presumed death of Artemis Fowl I. She spends almost all of the book hidden away in the attic, making odd requests and at one point even hallucinating that she was on her honeymoon again. She sometimes did not recognize Artemis and has aversion to light. At the end, to Artemis's request, Holly heals her in exchange for half of the ransom gold.

In the rest of the books

In all the following sequels, Angeline Fowl has returned to sanity. She is described as being a beautiful and graceful woman who deeply loves her husband and son, and a dedicated humanitarian and environmentalist. She begins to influence Artemis towards a less ruthless and more caring person. Angeline also shows great worry and care towards Artemis's behavior and activities when he is not at home.

At some point in the three years that Artemis and Holly are trapped in Limbo, she gave birth to Myles and Beckett Fowl.

It is said that at the end of The Time Paradox, Angeline figures out about the fairies, and has Artemis tell her everything.

In the Atlantis Complex, Angeline could only hear about the Big Project. She also urges Artemis to dress and act like a regular kid, such as giving him a t-shirt and jeans for his birthday and insisting that he call her "Mum." Angeline is also seen talking to Butler on the phone and being informed that Artemis is sick with the Atlantis Complex. It is presumed that she will see Artemis during his cure.

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