Aerial Radiation-Coded Light-Sensitive Surveillance Pterygota 2.0 or ARClights, are bio-mechanical organisms engineered by Foaly.  Resembling dragonflies, these organisms work together in a swarm to provide undetectable surveillance.  The genetically engineered insects are able to read infrared, UV, and thermal, in addition to the visible spectrum.

Foaly used the ARClights for the first time in The Last Guardian to restore LEP surveillance after the explosions caused by Opal Koboi wiped out all public infrastructure in Haven City.  He also directed one of the ARClights to check on the safety of his wife, Caballine during the chaos.  The ARClight detected hordes of goblins converging on their home, provoked by Opal Koboi.  The advance warning provided by the ARClights enabled Foaly to save Caballine from the goblin threat.

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